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>Electronics Governing : safeguard your Expensive equipment.
Our Clients

Rekha Chandak

Shree Ram Hospital , Jodhpur

As our idea gen means abha enterprises

Anand Mithawat

Satyam Hospital , Jodhpur

we are satisfy with rating of genset

Shripat Mehta

Diamond Sales, Jodhpur

fully satisfy with service

Sanjay Malviya

Bharat Fuel Centrer, Jodhpur

delivery and comittment is good

Mukesh Vyas

UCO Bank, Jodhpur

good accountable company

Pankaj Rajdan

Dr. Vimal Kumar Rajdan, Jodhpur

very responsible company

Arvind Kalla

Kidney & Blood Pressure Clinic, Jodhpur

good and comfortable, expericnced

Sanjay Gupta

Hotal High Point , Jodhpur

we go for 125kva but now we use 45kva and we satisfy with suggestion of co. trand eng.

Ladu Ram Agarwal

Kishan Diesel Service, Sanchore

we get all results which are discuessed before ordered given

Pramod Gupta

Gandhi Auto Mobile , Jodhpur

we are satisfy with timing of delivery

M. D.

Chandra Toyota, Jodhpur

good sales and service support

Ravi Loonkar

Anupam Agencies, Jodhpur

company real meet with its commitements on sales

Anil Suthwal

Image Point, Jodhpur

we changed our order after meeting with this company and we are satisfied

Aditya Lodha

Indian Today FM Radio, Jodhpur

we remember only mobile no. of the m.d. our work is fulfill

Mr. Mehta

Jaisalmeriya Handloom, Jodhpur

generator means abha ent.

Mr. Rocky

Jodhpur Sweets, Jodhpur

good service

Suresh Chouhan

Karni Builders, Jodhpur

comfortable stay with this company

Mahaveer Jain

Maharani Art Exports, Jodhpur

good convyaince power

Mr. Ramesh

Manohar Jewellers, Jodhpur

24 krt product

Mr. Navin

Mishri Lal Tea Center , Jodhpur

great service

Mr. Moinudeen

Nasrani bio Center , Jodhpur

company not only done sales also give believeness

Mrs. Deepa

Paris Gallary, Jodhpur

the concerns aim that complete facility even after sales

Mrs. Ramawat

Ramawat Constructions, Jodhpur

company realiy build their relationship with sales

Mahesh Veerchandani

Sepctrum Photo colour Lab, Jodhpur

I have never had any problems with them at all

Mr. Gupta

J.K. Cement, Udaipur

Company are able to serve with knowledge on everything

Rachna Kanungo

Mahaveer Public School , Jodhpur

The service is good. They serve you quickly and are friendly and convenient for us


Maa Tripura Sundry Management Trust

Very helpful and they know their jobs very well.

Gurusaran Singh

Capt. Gurusaran Singh , Jodhpur

They treat you like a you're a person and not a number.

Mr. Vyas

Hotal Cheyanya Palace , Jodhpur

Company really meets their target of high customer satisfaction

Mr. Agarwal

Hotal Mount Regency , Mount Abu

After sales service is highly satisfactory.

Dr. Kothari

Kothari Hospital , Jodhpur

The dealings we had with Company always been good. They settled things on time for us because we were moving with humanity

Manish Gupta

M. Agarwal & Associates, Jodhpur

Company not Sales DG Sets , its makes relationship with customers.

Dr. Paliwal

Paliwal Hospital , Balotra

Good sales and service support with trained staff

Lalit Mehta

National Handloom Corp, Jodhpur

Company have five star ***** on all scopes

Suresh Modi

Metallizing equipements, Jodhpur

We get a very responsible unit for their product.

Anand Modi

Mec shot blasting, Jodhpur

From the time to we get DG set, now we continue get great service.

Ashok Modi

Jasal club

We are fully satisfied with rating of genset.